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Ezra » 6:38am 01-02-2021
My name is Ezra, the same that have the famous poet, Ezra Pound. However, I'm unfortunately not a poet, but simply worker in one supermarket.
LaVaughn Cole » 10:28pm 12-22-2015
My Young Brothers
One of the highlights of my life was starting a chapter at Grand Valley.I still have the first paddles that were made in honor of that event. Becoming and alpha has been a cornerstone of my life and a personal honor. I would very much appreciate it if you corrected the spelling of my name in your history its important to me
Alpha for life
Iota Epsilon Founder

LaVaughn Cole
LaVaughn Cole » 9:09am 03-22-2014
Just saw the website and as a Founder of Iota Epsilon, I want to correct the spelling of my name. It is:
]LaVaughn Cole.
Keep up the great work. A Phi forever!!
Larry Johnson - » 10:36pm 08-12-2012
Brothes this site is still strong, keep up the good work. by my count with those listed and the four not listed we need (7) young jewels to make 100 brothers that crossed at the Valley. I am only hoping that my son makes that next line to keep the torch going.......Brothers we need a reunion, it has been 30 years since the reactivation of IE......let put something togeher soon .....Big Brother Larry "MOEDEAN" Johnson.....Ubiquity 12/6/80
Michigan Black Expo » 7:46am 03-05-2012

Keith A Weir » 11:13pm 12-05-2010
1 Ezra
2 Norman
3 Keith
4 Joel
Keith A Weir » 11:08pm 12-05-2010
Oh btw, correction for the lineage page I was #3 and last name is spelled Weir.
Keith A Weir » 10:59pm 12-05-2010
What's up Bros. of THE NOTORIOUS IE!!. Keith Weir here from Quatibiton '86. Glad to see the legacy continue, you're doing a great job, and the site is on point. I see some who pledged me and some I pledged have left the mark on the site, brings back great memories. Keep up the good work!
Jasmine » 11:50pm 04-17-2010
Hey Rudy T. It that you????i have been looking for you Jeff told me you have not spoken to him in a year!! i Have to ask you very important question regarding the web site on modeling pic you posted 5years ago or so please contact me at colonija321@gmail.com please if so..thanks
Kendrick D. Traylor » 4:37pm 02-09-2009

Need to jump on the invite from Mr. Treece. Could be lucrative for future recruiting efforts. J Rob "Too Short" drop me a e-mail @ kendrick.traylor@us.army.mil

john newsom » 12:55am 02-07-2009
we have done work for many chapters and would like to let you know if you need any custom tshirts to check us out. http://www.taylormadetshirts.com mention this post and i will give you a discount.
Rudy Treece » 3:48pm 01-30-2009
Gentlemen of Iota Epsilon Chapter:

As President of Michigan Black Expo, Inc. (MBEI), I am in the midst of doing the research that will enable me to reach out to key undergraduate chapters of NPHC/Divine Nine organizations to create collaborative projects that enhance the State Headquarters region of MBEI - Metro Grand Rapids - as well as to obtain organizational partners to support our efforts to establish MBEI Youth Federation (an Africentric academic achievement and rite of passage youth group).

After viewing the different GVSU NPHC organization sites, I was greatly impressed with how professional and mature you present yourselves and how you do justice to the 103 year-old legacy of your Founders. That being the case, it would be an honor to hear back from your leadership circle and convene a meeting to discuss opportunities for the Iota Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha and MBEI to work together in the near future.

I look forward to hearing back from you all soon.

Until then, onward we go toward that distant horizon of unity, camaraderie and prosperity for all,

Rudolph R. Treece III
President & Co-Founder, MBEI
Morgan State University Class of 1990
616-774-9585 (HQ)
mbeiweb@iserv.net (EMAIL 1)
mbeiweb@yahoo.com (EMAIL 2)
www.mbei.org (WEBSITE)
James Robinson » 1:20pm 01-13-2009
000000000000 6!

What's good. This is J. Rob. also known as Tooo Short of the Soul Survivor line of 89. So proud of you men keeping things going on the Yard. Hard to believe that it was 20 yeas ago Norman Moss, Grand Pappy, Moe Dean, Robert Hunt, Aaron McIver and others was heating a brother up during that Ice Cold winter at GVSU.

I see my pledgee, my personal and brother forever Kendrick D Traylor has blessed the site with his presence.

You fam I got some old school pictures if you need some for the archives. Like Moe Dean said, it would be good to have a Where are they now. I'm in Flint, MI. Doing well.

If you can pass my email to those who know me from back in the day.
Bradley S. Sims » 5:23pm 12-04-2008
Happy Founder's Day Bros!
Kendrick D. Traylor » 8:00pm 08-25-2008
It's been a few few years in that day in 1990 when 6 men on Impervious Alliance crossed the burning sands. I live in Alabama now and visited campus on 25 August. I met some chapter members, was taken on a tour and introduced to this website. I am SO PROUD to be an Alpha and especially proud to be a product of Notorious IE. So to my brothers of IE good job on this website, and keep holding up the light. Stay in touch and the keep the Pink and Green together as well. We are all in this journey together


MAJ Kendrick D. Traylor
B2 "Southern Comfort" Impervious Alliance WTR 90
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