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MoeDean » 9:58pm 08-15-2008
Lamar, think about doing a "Where R they Now" Section, we have some bros. from IE doing some big things would be nice to let eveyone know we do graduate..... and we holding it down for IE and the Valley.. What Up UBIQUITY, I know all my sands will be posting up on this...... They bros are doing it and making us proud...
Larry D. Johnson » 9:53pm 08-15-2008
Big Ups' Bro. This is great. This is Bro Moe Dean....I am proud that you brothers are keeping the torch going. IE is my heart and soul...It took a lot of work to get this going again in 1980...My sands will be proud of you. As my daughter prepare to enter GVSU, I hope she keeps me updated on the things you guys are doing....OH by the way. I do have a young ALPHA waiting to be one of use in a few years....Make me proud and I will pass this to all of the IE Brothers....GREAT JOB A phi.....O6
Detris Brown » 10:35am 06-14-2008
I'm so very proud of you guys. You've made it, and I'm sure that it was not easy. I'm very happy that you guys are examples for generations of men to come. Shout out to my little brother Lamar, I'm so happy for you darlin, keep up the good work.
Whitney Coleman » 5:41pm 06-12-2008
The website is AWESOME!!! Great job Alpha Phi AlphaI'm even in a pic...lol..Love it and love you guys
T Hibb » 4:28pm 06-12-2008
Whatup boys! I love the site! Keep doin big things up north and holdin that A Phi light even higher than what we did! Love yall boys!! I'll be there for homecoming! Yall betta set me out!!! Kitonne Haifa in the building!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11119.......06!
Tiffany » 4:37pm 06-11-2008
That SKEE-PHI POEM was my favorite!!!
Keep up the good work.
TQ » 4:17pm 06-11-2008
I love the website! I miss you guys, keep up the good work.
Ashleigh Mason » 3:51pm 06-11-2008
I like the website! It is about time you all had something. Great job Alphas!! You know I will always support you!

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